[Review & SALE]: XMark XM-4416 Decline Ab Bench

Is the XMark XM-4416 Decline Ab Bench TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My XMark XM-4416 Review Video Below)


XMark-XM-4416-Review-Image-1The XMark XM-4416 Ab Bench is very easy to put together. All of the parts you need are included and most people can assemble the bench in just a few minutes.

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Its design is very stable and has been described as incredibly solid by buyers. People who have used the bench also spoke favorably of its adjustability, saying that this made it suitable for people of any height, something which isn’t necessarily the case with every ab bench on the market. The adjustability of the XM-4416 goes beyond that, however. People have been very pleased with the ability to get more out of their push-ups and other exercises by adding height to different parts of the bench to adjust angles. Many buyers have reported that this feature makes their XMark XM-4416 more flexible than the equipment at their local gym.

Another feature which many users particularly liked is the grab handle which allows them to get up off of the bench without straining their back. Other users said that this handle also made it easier to use the bench for leg lifts and some other exercises.

Like other home gym equipment, ab benches aren’t always designed with comfort in mind. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the XMark XM-4416 Ab Bench, which provides a great deal of comfort. In fact, people of all sizes who have used the bench say that it’s the most, or one of the most, comfortable pieces of exercise equipment they’ve used.

XMark-XM-4416-Review-Image-2Although the XMark XM-4416 wasn’t specifically designed with back stretches in mind, users have said that this bench performs admirably for this type of exercise. It doesn’t place any more strain on the back than is absolutely necessary, which makes it ideal for lower back stretches and other lower back and core exercises. Even users who have problems with back strain have reported that the bench made these exercises far more comfortable.

The Cons:

The XMark XM-4416 Ab Bench isn’t the smallest bench out there and a few buyers have said that they found it to take up more space in their home gym than they’d like. If you’re concerned about the size of this bench, make sure to measure the space you plan to use it in and make sure that you know the dimensions of the bench before purchasing.

All in all, this is a very versatile piece of equipment with functionality far beyond the average ab bench. This is something that buyers found especially attractive about the XM-4116, as well as its ease of use and comfort.



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