[Review & SALE]: Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Is the Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Bicycle Trainer TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch my Kinetic Kurt Road Machine Review Video Below)

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Kinetic-Kurt-Roadmachine-Review-Image-1This bike trainer is more than a little different than rim, wind or magnetic-driven trainers; it’s a fluid resistance trainer and this alone really sets the Kinetic apart.

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It’s much quieter and as it happens, liquid resistance makes for a very smooth workout while giving the user a far more realistic experience which you usually can’t find in the home gym.

Unlike other fluid resistance trainers, the Kinetic is free of leakage issues thanks to a sealed fluid unit. The result is no leaks or mess and more importantly, a stable, reliable level of resistance, all without getting in the user’s way.

Many buyers have remarked on how surprisingly quiet the Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine is compared to similar indoor bike trainers on the market, saying that they find this model to be a better alternative. One thing that many users mentioned is that this trainer makes it much easier to watch TV or listen to music while working out without having to turn up the volume to uncomfortable levels.

Consumers reported that the Kinetic is easy to assemble and that the bike is perfectly stable once mounted, even while standing on the pedals. The frame is sturdy enough to stay put at any resistance setting or speed. While the machine is pretty straightforward, users felt that the included owner’s manual provided enough information to answer any questions they may have had.

Kinetic-Kurt-Roadmachine-Review-Image-2The intuitive operation of the trainer also won high marks from users; the resistance changes with the gears, exactly like a real bike. This feature makes the Kinetic a good choice for competitive racers who want to get a head start on their training for the next season.

Many users compared using the Kurt Kinetic to the training they’d get in a spinning class and had praised the machine’s ability to provide an intense workout.

The Cons:

There have been some users who have experienced difficulty taking the Kinetic apart and remounting the bike. However, even these users still reported being very satisfied with the trainer.

Overall, users have called the Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine a very reliable, flexible bicycle trainer whose design has overcome the issues that plague most fluid trainers. It’s stable and offers scalable resistance for long term, progressive training. It’s a smooth, quiet workout which gives the user an enjoyable, comfortable workout – and that’s high praise for an indoor bike trainer.



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