[Review & SALE]: XMark Fitness Power Tower

Is the XMark Fitness Tower TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

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XMark-Power-Tower-Review-Image-1When you first get the fitness tower home you may be concerned about assembly, don’t be!  XMark’s fitness tower comes with easy to read clear instructions for putting it all together.

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You will even receive a diagram explaining how the pieces fit. During initial assembly, all the bolts can be tightened by hand and then snugged up with an adjustable wrench. That is all the equipment you will need for proper assembly.

Are you a tall individual searching for a way to do pull-ups at home? Look no further than this fitness tower with pull up station. Coming in at over seven feet tall, you should have no problem getting a great pull up workout in the comfort of your own home gym.

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Another great feature of this machine is the fact that it will not move an inch, even when supporting the entire body weight of the user. All sorts of exercises are possible on this machine thanks to its super sturdy construction.

Are you looking for versatility? You can use additional pieces of equipment such as resistance bands. Using the legs as anchors, you can drape the bands around the tower and set up for some intense rowing exercises. Of course, it comes with leg holders that are great for sit-ups as well.

You can do crunches or other ab exercises and all the while, you can rest easy that you have enough support. Instead of worrying about the machinery, you can place all your focus on the exercises.

XMark-Power-Tower-Review-Image-2In addition to being very sturdy, you will be happy to know this unit is crafted with very high quality materials. Not only is it sturdy, but it looks great as well. Finally, it comes with an affordable price tag, which means people love it even more.


When comparing price to quality most buyers were very pleased with the XMark Fitness tower and pull up station. However, there was a small issue noticed by just a few people, with side sway, but it never interfered with a good workout.

Final Thoughts

The first thing you will notice about the XMark Fitness power tower and pull-up station is its height. Taller men will no longer have to go to the gym! It is designed for pull-ups, yet you can do a number of other exercises with it as well. Sit ups and ab work are always great core exercises and this device facilitates them well, not to mention it can support your entire body weight.




XMark Power Towers Buyer’s Guide: Do They Really Make Quality Power Towers?

The best power tower is one that is going to help you workout as you need to without causing a lot of stress. Most people will want to workout hard, but are unable to because of the options that are available to them. Don’t just go with an average choice, go with the best power tower and that is only possible when you are going with something that is far ahead of the game and works as you need it to. Here are some tips that should be kept in mind by those who are going to be purchasing a power tower in the near future.

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Provides Great Workout Potential – XMark XM-4434 power tower

There are three tips that have to be kept in mind at all times, especially if you are using the xmark xm-4434 power tower with dip station and pull-up station. The first one would be something as simple as knowing how well it can help with your workout. A power tower is going to provide assistance for a range of movements, but it should be doing the trick. There is no point in going with something that is below par because you are not going to get the workout that you are after and that might be quite frustrating.

A great machine is always one that is going to provide tremendous workout potential in terms resistance.

Fantastic Design

There are many power towers that just don’t seem like a good fit at home. They are not going to work out as you want them to and most people end up avoiding them because of the space they take up. Those who do use them get frustrated with how they are unable to do anything else other than use the power tower. It is important to sit down and note the amount of space that you have and how much the power tower is going to end up taking.

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Excellent Mobility – XMark XM-4434

The final tip would be the mobility of the power tower that you are purchasing. What role does this have to play in your final decision? The mobility does play a role because you don’t want to get restricted with your movements as many people do. Mobility has to do with how the power tower is designed and how it works alongside your workout regiment.

As the workout progresses, you are going to find it difficult to lift the weight and that is when you need to be sure the power tower is going to remain mobile. This means, it is not going to get stuck during the movement.

A buyer should be careful when they are going out and purchasing a power tower and should consider reading some power tower reviews because there are many options that are just not good enough. This means, the individuals that do go down this road might end up with something that is below par. The factors that have been pointed out in this read should be focused on by those who want the finest power towers on the market. These are the power towers that are worth having and using, anything else is just a true waste and should be avoided.

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