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Top Fitness Equipment Brands

In the world of fitness equipment there are countless brands and manufacturers, all offering unique products with different features, quality and of course price tags. When trying to find the best brands for a commercial or home gym it is important to consider more than just the price tag. A long lasting build quality and after sales support for all types of issues should play high on your list of requirements when choosing between the various brands. In this article we will highlight some of the most reliable brands for the most popular gym equipment used by all types of fitness enthusiasts.


When it comes to treadmills one name stands out above most others, and that is Precor. With headquarters in Washington State the company makes some of the most high quality and reliable fitness equipment available today. For over 20 years Precor has been supplying health and sports clubs, but they also have equipment suitable for home gyms. Their large selection of different treadmills comes with many different features and functions that will suit all types of athletes. For the basic home gym they offer affordable models, while for the professional gyms you will find models with the ability to extensively fine tune presets and training modes.


Elliptical trainers have become extremely popular as they provider for a more overall body workout that does not place too much strain on hips and knees. But due to their more complex design and functioning it is very important to buy one that is of high quality and will thereby stand the test of time. Body-Solid is one of the best manufacturers of ellipticals and they have created a large selection of different models that all satisfy different levels of needs. Whether you are looking for a simple and more compact device for your home or require the latest technology and features for a gym or sports club, you will not be left wanting.


Dumbbells are a very versatile piece of fitness equipment. Whether you are looking at doing cardio exercises or want to target specific muscles, these types of free weights can be very flexible. One of the best bumbbell solutions on the market comes from a company called PowerBlock. From professional bodybuilding to home gym, the company has a great solution for your individual needs. The great thing is that their products take up very little space, as rather than providing a large set of different weights, they have created adjustable weights, so that you can easily add and subtract weight as your exercise plan requires.

Rowing Machines

One of the best ways of cardio exercise that doesn’t put much strain on the knees and hips is to use a rowing machine. Many gyms these days have almost as many rowing machines as they have treadmills because of their popularity. Bodycraft is one of the best makers of rowers for gyms and the home environment. Their smallest model is compact enough to be easily stored at home, but it still provides significant features. For professional athletes and sports environments their high end products will definitely not disappoint in features and effectiveness.

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