[Review & SALE]: Sole E35 Elliptical

Is the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch my Sole E35 Review Video Below)

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Sole-E35-Review-Image-1Buyers found the Sole Fitness E35 relatively easy to assemble for a somewhat complex machine.

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The E35 includes step by step instructions and for those who need a more visual guide, there are videos on YouTube which cover assembling this machine. Users said that assembly is much easier with two people.

Once it’s assembled, the E35 provides a very smooth workout with a natural range of motion. The base is solid and sturdy, with a control panel which is easy to access while working out. Users liked how easy it was to adjust inclination and resistance during their workouts.

Buyers liked the large number of features the Sole Fitness E 35 offers, including backward rotation, adjustable pedals and incline and handles designed for multiple grips.

Noise is often a problem with home gym equipment and here the E35 surpassed all expectations, with most buyers saying that this elliptical is almost silent. This was appreciated by users, who found that this made for a more comfortable workout and an easier time watching TV, reading or listening to music while using the machine.

Sole-E35-Review-Image-2The heavy duty construction of the E35 also won praise from consumers, with buyers who have been using the machine for a while reporting that they still work as well as they did on the first day, even with heavy use. That sturdiness comes at a price, however – the machine is also fairly heavy at 300 pounds and this model does fall into the category of larger, heavier pieces of home gym equipment. At the same time, that weight and size is responsible for the stability of the machine and the high quality workout it provides.

The Cons:

The large size and relatively high weight of this elliptical were a drawback in some buyers’ minds and it is true that it’s not easy to move. However, if you have ample space for it and don’t mind a little bit of a challenge when it’s time to move the machine, it’s a good investment.

Buyers who have tried the Sole Fitness E35 and other elliptical trainers rated this model favorably over comparably priced and cheaper machines, as well as even some of the pricier professional models. Its solid construction and quiet operation were standout features and for its price, buyers found it to be a very good elliptical machine.



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