[Review & SALE]: Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Is the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR1000 Home GymBowflex is a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of fitness equipment including home gyms, such as the Bowflex PR1000 reviewed here.

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Keep in mind realistic expectations must be made where the PR1000 is concerned considering that it is designed for fitness enthusiasts and personal trainers who want an affordable, durable and compact fully-equipped home gym.

The PR1000 appears durable, stable and strong from the first get go, an impression reinforced by the fact that indeed it has all these qualities even after months of regular use. This is because the home gym is made from high-technology composite materials and manufactured according to industry standards, not to mention sheathed in a special material and tested several times before shipping to the stores – or so the manufacturer claims.

Of course, the only way to know about the durability, stability and strength of the PR1000 is to use it on a regular basis for several months. Based on customer reviews, the home gym is holding up well with just a few signs of wear and tear, such as a slight fading on the coating and a subtle thinning of the rubber grips.

Assembly is relatively fast, easy and convenient, too, although it must be emphasized that the best results can be achieved by reading and understanding the instructions manual first. Most of the customers-cum-reviewers wrote that assembly time was 2 hours, at most, with an able-bodied helper although the home gym can also be assembled by a single person in 3 hours or so.

bowflex pr1000-3The PR1000 Home Gym has compact dimensions of 81x84x38 inches with a minimum workout area of 100×78 inches, which means that it can be placed in an uncluttered corner of the bedroom, or living room, or exercise room. Plus, the home gym can also be folded for easy storage, a benefit that interested individuals living in apartments with limited spaces will appreciate.

But as sturdy, durable and stable as the PR1000 may be, users are well-advised to observe the maximum user weight of 300 pounds (136 kilos) for safety purposes. The home gym can just as easily be the reason for bodily injuries as the reason for body development particularly the attainment of lean muscle mass.

The most distinctive benefit provided to users via the proper and regular use of the PR1000 is the opportunity to combine cardiovascular and strength training in a single piece of exercise equipment. In contrast, most home gyms provide only the strength training component such that users must find a piece of cardio equipment, such as a rowing machine, for their fitness needs.

The Bowflex PR1000 has a built-in rowing station (i.e., sliding seat rail), which can be used for the cardio exercise part as well as for the warm-up and cool-down parts. The home gym also has hand grips and ankle cuffs for greater flexibility and stability during workouts, thus, making it a suitable exercise machine for beginners.

Of course, a good home gym will be judged based on its strength training features and the PR1000 provides for a wide range of exercises. This is possible because of the triple-function hand grips, the roller cushions, and the power rods, all of which provide users with the opportunity to enjoy over 30 exercises. These include lat pull-downs, horizontal bench presses, leg extensions, and leg curls, among others, which can be performed with varying resistance, thanks to the Power Rods that provide the weight. The resistance ranges from as light as 5 pounds for beginners to 220 pounds for intermediate exercisers.

Many of the beginners among the buyers also expressed their appreciation of the users’ manual and the exercise cards, both of which added to the information about the appropriate technique and form when performing the exercises.

The one downside: The PR1000 cannot be upgraded but if you are a beginner, this should not be a big deal.

In conclusion, the Bowflex PR1000 is a good investment in a combination cardio and weight training home gym for beginners, thanks to its durable and stable frame, its wide array of possible exercises, and its instructional materials.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

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