[Review & SALE]: Pro Iron Adjustable Dumbbells

Is the Pro Iron Adjustable Dumbbells TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

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Pro-Iron-Adjustable-Dumbbells-Review-Image-1Many home gyms have limited space available, and that is why manufacturers are always coming up with new ideas to provide useful equipment that will not take up a lot of room.

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One of these ideas is adjustable dumbbells. Rather than having to keep an assortment of dumbbells, a single set can be used to provide different weights. The Pro Iron Adjustable Dumbbells are one such set. Each set of 2 dumbbells consists of 16 plates weighing 10lbs, 4 weighing 5lbs, and 4 weighing 2.5lbs. There are two standard bars and 4 retaining collars.


Each dumbbell can be adjusted for weights from 10 to 100 pounds in 5-pound increments. Apart from saving on space, it is more cost effective to invest in just two adjustable dumbbells rather than having to buy many different ones. That makes them the perfect choice for people with limited budgets.

The Pro Iron Adjustable Dumbbells do not have the standard rubberized finish, but instead have an attractive gloss finish. The gloss finish makes these dumbbells look better without introducing any problems with grip. The dumbbells are comfortable to use during training sessions. The gloss finish is very durable, ensuring the dumbbells will keep their attractive appearance for a long time.

Many reviewers remarked that the Pro Iron dumbbells are different from others in that the size remains the same no matter what weight setting is being used. With other adjustable dumbbells, the bar size adjusts and that can make them awkward to use, even making it impossible to perform some exercises.
Pro-Iron-Adjustable-Dumbbells-Review-Image-2Many reviewers commented that the price of these dumbbells was excellent considering their superior quality.


The biggest issue that people raised was the visual appearance of the plates. Some reviewers thought the molded finish did not have the appearance of high quality products. However, even those who did not like the look of them pointed out that the weight of each plate was exactly right.


The Pro Iron Adjustable Dumbbells are a really good choice for people with limited space in their home gym. These dumbbells are excellent value for money, and buyers get really good quality for a very attractive price. Additionally, these dumbbells look really good, thanks to the gloss finish. The choice of weights is ideal, and the variability means that the same set can be used by different people with varying strength levels.

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