[Review & SALE]: Weider Power Tower

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Weider Power Tower


Weider Power TowerWeider is well-known in the fitness industry as a manufacturer of quality exercise machines and equipment.

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The Weider Power Tower with item number WEBE99712 is one such product that remains popular among fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, and the like.

Like all power towers, the Weider Power Tower is used in building the upper body including the abdomen’s muscle mass, size and strength. The piece of exercise equipment is known for its versatility in terms of the number of exercises that can be performed on it, depending on the configuration. For example, the forearm pads are used for the performance of abdominal exercises, the parallel horizontal handles are for dips, and the push-up handles are for Atlas push-ups, among others.

Indeed, the Weider Power Tower allows users the opportunity to perform a wide range of exercises on a single piece of equipment. Many buyers think of it as a one-stop shop for upper abdominal exercises, thus, saving in time and space.

Just to mention a few of the exercises that users mentioned performing with the Weider Power Tower:

  • Chin-ups, which work the forearms, chest and biceps as well as several muscles in the upper back
  • Pull-ups, which develops the latissimus dorsi muscle
  • Dips, which strengthen the chest and triceps by dipping the body between the parallel bars
  • Atlas push-ups, which involve the chest and triceps more than the standard push-ups
  • Knee raise, which work the lower abdominals and obliques via a twisting motion

You can increase resistance during these exercises by wearing ankle weights, or a weighted vest, or holding dumbbells, among other heavy weights. Even with the additional resistance, the Weider Power Tower will remain stable although it must be used as instructed to minimize the risks of injuries.

The Weider Power Tower is relatively easy to install, according to many users. Just be sure to read and understand the instructions manual for assembly for faster installation, which a few users wrote required 2 hours, at most, without assistance. But assistance is strongly advised as the pieces, which come in a single box for shipping, are already heavy and the installation can be tricky, if not strenuous, because of the weight when assembled on your own.Weider Power TowerTip: Do not tighten the bolts in the Power Tower Weider until the very end. Do place the unit into its assigned location, assemble the parts with the bolts as loose as possible, and then give the power tower a slight shake to settle it in before tightening the bolts for safety.

Most of the buyers of the Weider Power Tower wrote that it is incredibly sturdy, stable and durable with all of its parts either welded or bolted to the main frame. A slight movement may be experienced when performing dips – a user wrote that the power tower flexed an inch or so – but this should not be a cause for concern.

Of course, when the power tower appears to wobble even with the simple exercise, then it is definitely time to check the individual parts. Bolts may require tightening, for example.

When it comes to looks, the Weider Power Tower has a pleasing appearance. Its black powder coating lends it a professional appearance worthy to be placed even in a commercial gym while the details (i.e., stitching) on its back and armrest pads add class. The material on the seats and pads is also easy on the eyes as well as easy to clean, usually just by wiping down with a damp, clean cloth.

Just keep in mind that the Weider Power Tower will take up an ample amount of space so much so that it may well dominate your bedroom or living room, especially when it is on the small side itself. This should not be such a big deal considering that the power tower is the only exercise equipment you will require for your upper abdominal exercises.

Overall, the Weider Power Tower brings good value for the money, thanks to its sturdy construction, durable materials, and compact footprint.

Weider Power Tower

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