[Review & SALE]: Weider Ultimate Body Works

Is the Weider Ultimate Body Works TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

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Weider Ultimate BodyWorks



Weider Ultimate BodyWorksIf you’re considering the Weider Ultimate Body Works for your home, read this consumer report first to ensure it is the right investment for your fitness needs.

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The Weider Ultimate Body Works is often purchased as a more affordable alternative to the Total Gym home gym systems. The designs are similar, but the Weider version is a bit lighter in weight due to less durable parts. Yet, many users still find that it shakes and wobbles very little and allows them to workout just as they would on those higher-priced Total Gym units.

This type of equipment allows you to work your body from head to toe within the comfort of your own home or office. You can even work up quite a sweat which allows you to burn calories and increase fat burn while doing strength and toning exercises. You get a total-body workout without investing a lot of money or time. Many users find that this is a valuable addition to a more elaborate home gym because it allows upper body movements that aren’t supported by standard chin-up bars and other simple types of equipment.

One big benefit to using a full-body gym is that it’s suitable for all users regardless of age and fitness level. Beginners can use it to lose weight and tone up just as older people use it to maintain muscle tone through the years. It allows you to perform such a wide range of movements that you will find many different ways to put it to good use.

weider ultimate body works2When your Weider Ultimate BodyWorks home gym first arrives, you may feel intimidated by the size of the box and many parts included. This will go away once you start reading the directions and figuring out how easy it actually is to put together. Most users put this together rather quickly with just one person doing the work. Some elderly users also report putting it together on their own without problems, so it is much easier than you may originally suspect.

Once your home gym is assembled, you can start working out right away. Most consumers find it reasonably steady, but there is some occasional rocking which occurs with this type of equipment at times. Most users find it sturdy enough to get a good workout without tumbling to the floor, so it does offer reasonable quality for the low price tag.

Many users also appreciate the easy-to-use design. You can transition between incline and resistance levels without much hassle, and that allows you to maintain a steady pace throughout your workout so that your heart rate doesn’t drop unnecessarily. You may just want to learn how to make these adjustments before getting into your first aggressive workout.

Are you wondering what the catch is to this affordable home gym? The biggest complaint from consumers is that it doesn’t come with an exercise chart, workout DVD or any other type of exercise instruction. You are left entirely on your own when it comes to figuring out how to use the machine, but remember, it is the same type of machine as Total Body home gyms. This means you can purchase an exercise chart from competing brands like Total Body or simply search for exercise routines online.

Some users do claim to have emailed Weider about this concern, and at least one person claims that they mailed them a free exercise chart. Many users find that they don’t even need a chart because it’s pretty straight forward to figure out how to use the machine through trial and error. This leaves you with many options to solve the problem if you do need some guidance on how to use your machine.

Even with that small downside, the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym allows you to complete full-body workouts in the comfort of your home without paying for more expensive systems. It’s easy to put together and works for men as well as women of all fitness levels, so it is a versatile addition to your home or office space.

Weider Ultimate BodyWorks

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