[Review & SALE]: Bowflex BodyTower

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Bowflex-Body-Tower-Review-Image-1Learn about the positive and negative points of the Bowflex Body Tower from this review before you invest your money in a workout tower.

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First thing to be aware of is this Bowflex Body Tower comes in a large, heavy box so you need to be at home for its delivery. It is easy and quick to assemble, but you need to place in its intended space before you assemble it. Most users state they assemble the tower without assistance. This means that it is easier to assemble than other models of fitness equipment are for home users.

Stability is one of the main concerns for any of the stand-alone towers on the market today. Towers will rock somewhat while your body swings during certain exercises. Bowflex’s tower stays stable, though, even when users are six feet or taller or weigh over 200 pounds. The tower may rock slightly with heavier users, but not enough to tip over during use.

The numerous exercises that you can perform using this tower please the users of it. This tower lets you complete eight basic exercises, but also includes suspended rings to help you perform other movements to work your core, lower body and upper body even further. You also can perform hanging knee raises, thanks to the straps that come with the tower. This feature is not on all models of stand-alone, pull-up towers on the market today.

This tower comes with ab straps, which users find more comfortable than the padded arm handles other brands include on their towers. Users say the straps are not just more comfortable for certain movements, but also are easier to use compared to the padded arm handles.

Bowflex-Body-Tower-Review-Image-2Another plus for the Bowflex Body Tower is how adjustable it is. The arms adjust easily to fit the needs of a variety of users. A single person is able to make all the necessary adjustments.

The size and weight of the tower is something to keep in your mind. Even though it is a compact unit compared to other equipment, and competitors’ towers found in home gyms, it is not light as far as weight goes. The sturdy construction of this table helps it remain stable during use. However, you will have a limited space in which to perform exercises. Your knees could bump into the tower’s sides when you overly rock during the exercises.

Keeping your body in the right position will solve this issue, as many users do not have a problem in this area. The taller or heavier users will have more of an issue than the other users will with the confined space. There are those users who state the pull-up bar is too short to use comfortably, but is usable for all people no matter how tall or short they are since the height of the bar is adjustable.

This tower has become highly popular because of its stability. Users also find it is useful for more than just simple chin-ups or pull-ups. This has a stylish, durable design that is suitable in the bedroom and living room, as well as a home gym setting.



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